Its all about the weather and not getting  killed

When you’re bored it doesn’t mean you’re boring…it means its time to make……..

Don’t miss out on ANYTHING in life!!  

I was totally inspired when Yoda appeared to me. I became strong! The phone call to Gretchen was made that we HAD TO TALK.  

I must become stronger and not be such a push over and just be nice and let people say what they want and not speak up! Yoda totally taught me the lesson I needed!

People cheat and they lie and they are mean and they abuse but at some point ITS TIME TO MOVE FORWARD

THEY’RE ALL LIARS. oh well.  be sad for awhile molly

I met a boy.  His name is Daniel. I want to see him again so I am writing him a note.

The Cure always knew what the day was to change your life.